Interview with Sr. Assoc. Dean Oppenheim of the Lawrence Herbert school of communications at Hofstra University!

I decided to interview my advisor, the assistant dean of the communication’s department here at Hofstra! Getting to know others is not always easy however, with the right questions you may receive valuable advice and perspectives from those you have access to.

  1. What were your career interests when studying sociology for your B.A.?
It took a while for me to figure it out.

I knew I was interested in higher education and possibly one day teaching at the college level.

  1. Why did you continue your education in pursuing a M.A. in speech communications and rhetorical studies?
I was once unsure of what to study.

I eventually found speech-rhetorical studies within the course catalog. I discovered that it was a great fit for me.

  1. What paths did you consider when finishing school?
I had an interest in working with others.

I knew I wanted to stay and work on campus! As a student employee on campus I wanted to build my value and credentials. When I went out for my M.A. it was easier for me to land a part time position at Hofstra University.

  1. What is it like teaching classes in communications digital media vs. helping advise students within The Herbert School of communications towards their degrees?
Each day is different for me because, the students change.

It was much more structured. There were less surprises in terms of goals. When advising students, anything and everything comes up and needs to be addressed. There are medical, social, and academic issues that occur.

  1. What were your earliest academic aspirations?
I didn’t anticipate grad school but, I realized that it was a smart path.

Initially, it was to finish my undergrad degree in sociology and give it my 100%.

What is a normal routine like for you during the week here at Hofstra?


The majority of the week consists of advising students, meeting with other faculty in the Herbert School, and serving on a number of university committees.

  1. What is it like to serve as an intermediate between students and their aspirations for career opportunities?
It’s excited! It’s rewarding!

I love sharing my advice and discussing what my experiences were in dealing with media professionals, working in a job environment, and how to engage with others through communication skills.

  1. Did you ever aspire to live anywhere besides Brooklyn, New York (hometown)?
When in Brooklyn, NY I did not inspire to live anywhere else besides there.

When an opportunity came for me to move to Long Island I decided to. After moving to Long Island, I aspired to move and live within Manhattan in my late 20’s however, it was much too expensive for me.

  1. How do you adjust your style to the less motivated or under prepared student? 
I always encourage students to get involved on campus!

 I’m a positive psychology, positive reinforcement type of person.

  1. How would your background and experiences contribute to the person you are today?
The people I met along the way encouraged me to pursue more opportunities.

The experiences I got as a young professional helped me build confidence as a young person.

  1. Are you currently motivated to do other things?
I’m happy. I love my current job and responsibilities each year.

I always think about the future. I continue to grow and learn new things.

  1. What things have you done on your own initiative to help you prepare for the positions you hold or currently have held?
I sought out advice from those I trust.

I asked a lot of questions, researched my industry to understand what types of jobs there are and possible salaries.

  1. What do you think most uniquely makes you qualified as a dean in the communications department?



My knowledge of Hofstra’s policies and procedures.

            The key is knowing answers to questions which often comes with staying at a career for a long time.

  1. Do you have any additional information that you would like to share?


I have a passion project! I’ve been managing it for two years now. I produce weekly news letters featuring best available media jobs in the U.S.

It’s called MEO jobs. It helps job seekers looking for opportunities within media and communications.


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