Campus interview with Student Center cashier

In my interview with Anna, I was able to view her from a different perspective. It was neat to learn how she has worked for the university for more than 20 years! I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to interview her since she is a familiar face! Every morning I see Anna she is always smiling, happy and welcoming. It was a great opportunity to learn a little bit more about her.

Anna was very shy when I sat down to speak with her in front of the camera but, most times when I see her she is very outgoing and interactive. I think she showed that today. I think that is what students and staff members look forward to in the mornings and evenings. I think Anna is one of the most interactive, positive employees here on campus! She really made my transition here easier (as a transfer student entering this past spring).

Anna always asks me how my day is going, and asks how the rest of my day or weekend plans are. It is always nice to see friendly faces around campus especially when you are new and nervous to communicate with others.

I think that without employees like Anna, campus wouldn’t be as interactive or friendly as it could be. She is just one of those people who break the ice, communicate, and interact with all different types of personalities. In doing this project it really helps me learn how to break the ice and ask someone who I was familiar with to do something more. I am greatful to have learned how to add this to my skills as an aspiring journalist. I would have liked to cover more about Anna but, unfortunately resources were low. I would someday like to do documentaries about people like Anna.


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