Ocean City – life photography

You can say that Ocean city is the place to be at the end of June. The water was still cold because, of the storms that passed through these past few weeks. The weather was stifling so it all balanced out.


The sky was also so beautiful! I definitely was not expecting the views I saw, and captured on my SLR camera.christa3

DAY Road trips are the ABSOLUTE best. I did not drive, but this awesome girl did. Five hours in my sedan and she still rocked it on the beach!! I mean SERIOUSLY? I wear so much make up sometimes, and it does not compare to this natural, flawless skin.


Where we stood happened to be the best waves! These waves were not too big and not too small. The beach was not crowded where we were either. christa

While here, we saw lots of hungry birds. One of them stood out — he had only one leg. I had to take pictures of the little guy. Lets bring awareness to ocean life. We may or may not have caused this; but we should constantly remind each other to care.








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