About me..


My name is Amanda. I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am an only child with a  single, hard working mom. Socially…I am still unfortunately awkward however, at times i try to be an interactive, social butterfly. I love to communicate digitally, I find it so much easier to interact at times. I am currently at Hofstra pursuing a BA and career in journalism and photography. I am ambitious and hopeful because, those things are the most important things anyone can have within this world. No one can take away your ambition and hope to do well in life.

I love traveling…despite the fact I haven’t been to many places just yet. I love to listen to music everyday…whether that is when I am writing, walking to class; or just to get ready for the day. I am a total movie buff and Netflix addict. I am always watching movies and TV shows. Some of my favorite current TV shows: Good Behavior on TNT, The 100 on the CW, Bates Motel on A&E, Scream Queens on FOX, Teen Mom 2, Sweet Vicious, and Scream on MTV, Law and Order:SVU on NBC, and Grey’s Anatomy on ABC. I have some favorite Netflix Originals and series as well such as: Wentworth, Orange is the new black, Parenthood and at this point you can believe there are more.

I love taking pictures, traveling, writing and fashion because, whenever I write something brand new I am expressing the depth I see in the world; and whenever i take a photo i capture time and memory and as human beings, thats all we really care about. I would love to travel more and will make it a goal. Lastly, whenever I dress up, I feel brand new and just more like myself.